Breaking the Silence

Special reports on Whistleblowing.

Read Our Latest Letter to CQC about the betrayal of whistle-blowers

Our special report detailing the abysmal failures of The CQC and how much Jeremy Hunt has ignored.

The latest letter from CQC Andrea Sutcliffe and my response. Its is clear that Jeremy Hunt can not continue to defend the indefensible.

My response to Department of Health including a copy of their letter to me .
..."You state that “The Government is committed to ensuring that Whistle-blowers are supported and protected” I would pass that message to the 47 Whistle-blowers who contacted CQC with concerns and had their names given by CQC to their employers, only it would be adding insult to injury.

Read our response to Philip Lea MP comments on caring for loved ones

A special report exposing yet more serious concerns about the CQC and the misleading information they provide to the public, This report is damning not least because both CQC and Jeremy Hunt could have acted on the concerns we raised in 2015. What are the odds these homes are likely to be good?

Read the open letter regarding comments on twitter

Further Letter to Kay Sheldon

Our new report on the use of CCTV in care homes.

This is the account of a whistle-blower trying to get their concerns addressed. Whistle-blowers always want the wrong-doing stopped and for that to happen there needs to be an investigation and that is not what happens.