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Tue 22/08/2017 - The HUNT for Justice and Accountability

Our new report detailing the abysmal failures of the CQC and what Jeremy Hunt has ignored

Tue 15/08/2017 - CQC Betrayal of Whistle-blowers

Read the latest on CQC betrayal of Whistle-blowers

Wed 09/08/2017 - Protest and Picnic

On the 18th of August 2017 we will be holding a protest at The Health Department, Richmond Hs, Whitehall. For full details please see our twitter feed. We are posting daily information on this event.

Wed 09/08/2017 - Perjury

See our article on Perjury in Tribunals

Thu 27/07/2017 - Action on Elder Abuse Campaign

Due to the the recent Daily Mail story below I feel we have to respond to these issues,

Wed 26/07/2017 - Private Eye July 27th

26th July 2017
To Secretary of State for Health

Fri 21/07/2017 - Open Letter to Andrea Sutcliffe

21st July 2017

Tue 11/07/2017 - BUPA Beacon Edge Care Home

We have been monitoring this home for 7 Years and it is one of the homes we featured in Breaking The Silence part 3,
It is now in the news again for failing a CQC inspection and the CQC would have the public believe they have acted to protect people.

Mon 10/07/2017 - The State of CQC

On 6th of July 2017 CQC publish its new report, I appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire Programme with Andrea Sutcliffe of The CQC, I also appeared on Chanel 4 News with former Health Minister Stephen Dorrel.
I highlighted the following concerns,
1.Many of the Concerns we receive via the help-line are about homes the CQC have rated Compliant.
2. We are aware of 47 Whistle-blowers whose identities have been disclosed to their employer by the CQC.
3.People who contact our help-line have already contacted the CQC and when no action is taken they contact us.

Wed 05/07/2017 - Our response to more CQC lies

Our Response to more CQC Lies.