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A Special Report By Eileen Chubb

Copyright February 2016





The below news story highlights some of the horrors reported by a Whistle-blower who worked as a cleaner at one of the three homes owned by Smallwood Care Homes. This Whistle-blower has since left.


Fri 19/02/2016 - Book Review, Hidden Cameras by Joe Plomin

Eileen Chubb

CEO Compassion In Care





Everyday I am contacted by families who are concerned about the treatment of a relative in care and also by Whistle-blowers who report abuse to find the only action taken is against them. I am asked about using hidden cameras, how they work, how to use them, is it legal and if you need to have technical expertise.

Thu 18/02/2016 - CQC Dumb Test

Please see our new Utube video on this issue.The attached photo sums up what we have uncovered about CQCs failures which have resulted in countless vulnerable people suffering. For full details of CQC failures see our new report " CQC An On-Going Concern" by following the below link 

Thu 18/02/2016 - More Private Eye

See Todays issue of Private Eye Magazine for more truth about care home regulation.

Tue 09/02/2016 - Supporting Families

I Attended a protest today at the Civic Centre in Bexley to support George Rousell whose late wife Brenda was threatened with eviction from a care home. George was subject to visiting restrictions in the last months of Brendas life after raising concerns about her care. The authorities all failed George and no one has ever been held to account.

Thu 04/02/2016 - CQC An On-Going Concern

New special report published today, see Breaking The Silence section for " CQC An On-going Concern" 

Wed 03/02/2016 - Epic Failure By CQC

See tomorrows Private Eye, issue 1411, for more of Compassion in Cares joint investigation with Private Eye. Why the regulator continues to fail the most vulnerable. Our detailed report, "The CQC An on-going concern" will be published later this week. 

Fri 29/01/2016 - Common People

A new play about real Whistle-blowers from Europe was a great sucess and hopes for an international Tour.

The Uk was represented By Shamila Chowdhury and Eileen Chubb

Photos by Adi BulBoaca Trailer  


Thu 07/01/2016 - Blowing the whistle on CQC

See todays issue of Private Eye for more shocking details of the care home scam that has allowed the worst care homes to continue unchecked. When the CQC state a home is new and has not been inspected they do not mean "new" as the public understand the word. Our work has proven yet again that the CQC can not be trusted to provide accurate or indeed honest information to the public, yet we are supposed to trust them to be a Whistle-blower Guardian. It seems to me that the very concept of Whistle-blower Guardian is best summed up by appointing the CQC to the role.

Thu 07/01/2016 - Guarding the public from CQC

See Private Eye ,18th of December 2015 for a report of Compassion in Cares work exposing the CQC, Care homes alledged to be new given clean slate by the CQC.